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Features included :

1. Source Code

2. Demo video

3. Synopsis

4. Report

5. Life time access

6. 20 days support after billing date


The objective of this python project is to develop an online portal where recruiters can post job requirements, they can search for candidates. Candidates can search for job openings and apply.



  1. HR (employer)
  2. Job seeker (Student or employee)
  3. Admin


Job Portal Functionalities

  1. Login and Sign up for HR, not for Job seekers because there are a lot of websites where they would be applying, so logging in and remembering all usernames and passwords would be really hectic and why would we want that? So it is better to ask about their information when they actually apply for some company. But HR would have access to details of the job seekers, for which authorization is required.
  2. Listing of available jobs.
  3. Resume upload and apply to an organization.
  4. List of all candidates to the HR.



  1. Name of the organization.
  2. Position
  3. Job description
  4. Salary
  5. Location
  6. Experience


For Job seekers:

  1. Name
  2. DOB
  3. Gender
  4. Mobile
  5. Email
  6. Resume
  7. Organization name (the one on which he is applying)



The Django admin is a powerful built-in tool giving you the ability to create, update, and delete objects in your database using a web interface. You can customize the Django admin to do almost anything you want.

Technologies used in this project

  • Python
  • Django framework
  • Sqlite3
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap


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