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django-todo is a pluggable, multi-user, multi-group, multi-list todo application system - a reusable website application designed to be dropped into any existing Django project. Users can create tasks for themselves or for others, or create unassigned tasks that will be filed into a specific list.


The purpose of these todo multiuser applications is that basically user will add their to-dos and after the task completion they have the options to change the status of the work like competed, not completed and even user can sort their to-dos based on their priority.


This project multiple users can register and login. After user registration the data will be stored in sqlite3 database. To validate user we have used django authentication module for all the users in the applications.



  • Registration
  • Login
  • Admin



Functionality of to-dos


Registration – in this module all the different users and admin will go to register in order to access the functionality of the applications. To register user need to enter their username, password and confirm password. After that the details will be stored in sqlite3 database.


Login – in this module all the user will logged in by their credentials. After logged in user can add their todo and save to database. After that even user can change their work status like completed and pending status.


Admin – in this module admin can have the all the access of the users. And even admin can perfoem all the operations of the user todo like updating the user todo, deleting todo and changing the users to status like completed and pending.






Block diagram

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Technologies used in this project

  • Python
  • Django framework
  • Sqlite3
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap


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