Multimodal biometric system based on Human signature and Palm Image


Category: Machine Learning with Image Processing projects

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For Palm

  • Gabor Feature Extraction

For Signature:

  • Average, Percentage, Upper Zone, Central Zone, Bottom Zone, Writing Pressure, Zone Domination


Common Features for Signature and Plam

Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrices (GLCMs)

A statistical method of examining texture that considers the spatial relationship of pixels is the gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM), also known as the gray-level spatial dependence matrix. The GLCM functions characterize the texture of an image by calculating how often pairs of pixel with specific values and in a specified spatial relationship occur in an image, creating a GLCM, and then extracting statistical measures from this matrix. (The texture filter functions, described in Texture Analysis cannot provide information about shape, that is, the spatial relationships of pixels in an image.)

Statistic   Description

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